Nancy Lelewer Author of Something's Not Rigt and The Lelewer Legacy

Something’s Not Right

Behind the Book

Raising four children born in five years is a challenge especially when three have learning disabilities, two are ADHD and one is ADD. The good news was I am dyslexic and had never had a course in education so I’d had to figure out how I learned and was not steeped in a method of teaching that would not have worked for most of my children.

It was a constant battle as one expert after another made suggestions that made no sense to me even before I tried them. The result was always poor so I eventually undertook the task of learning how to teach and develop appropriate programs, especially for my son who was the most handicapped.

This led me into many schools and institutions for blind, deaf, and all sorts of physically handicapped children and adults to learn how they were taught. From what I observed I took pieces and developed new programs which I tried with my son. The programs that worked I took back into the schools and institutions and tried with various populations. This led to talks to parent groups.

When parents don’t get the answers they need from the “experts” they network with other parents. My phone began to ring off the hook. Some parents wanted to bring their youngster to me for an evaluation and to be tutored, others wanted me to start a school and many wanted me to write a book. One mother finally said, “I’ve learned more from you in the past half hour than I’ve learned from the many doctors and educators my son and I have seen during the past two years. You must write a book.”

The next day I sat at my computer and started to write. For every paragraph I wrote I shed many tears. It was a painful process to relive what I’d been through. It took eight years from the time I started writing until my book was published. During that time I had to learn to write and my original two hundred pages went through twenty-two complete rewrites.

In addition to raising children I feel writing SOMETHING’S NOT RIGHT is one of the most gratifying accomplishments of my life. The book has sold well and many teachers and parents have told me how it has helped them and their children.

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