Nancy Lelewer Author of Something's Not Rigt and The Lelewer Legacy

Something’s Not Right


“. . . may well lay the groundwork for seminal scholarship in the field of learning disabilities.” - Parents’ Choice Foundation

“. . . speaks to parents and teachers clearly, realistically, and nonjudgmentally about the plight and the potential of bright children who march to different drummers.”- Rosemary F. Bowler Ph.D., Past Executive Editor of The Learning Disabilities Network, Past Executive Director of The Orton Dyslexia Society, Past Managing Editor of Annals of Dyslexia.

“. . . is the best account of the effects of dyslexia of anything I have ever read. Its point in reality is very simple: In dyslexia, as with so many problems in life, intelligent persistence pays off in the end.”- Charles Drake Ph. D. Founder of The Landmark Schools.

“. . . should serve to present to the lay public an understanding of learning disabilities to broaden their awareness of the impact this can have on individuals, families, and societies.” – Frank Hopkins Duffy M.D., Director of Developmental Neurophysiology at Children’s Hospital, Associate Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School.

“. . . is easy to read and grasping, and thus is ideally suited for parents of LD children, who themselves are often affected by the same disability. All will identify with the suffering of this mother of several children with learning disability, and will stand to learn from her thinking process in trying to help them.” - Albert M. Galaburda M.D., Chief of Division of Behavioral Neurology at Beth Israel/Deaconess Hospital, Associate Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School.

“. . . should be of great interest to parents and grandparents of children with learning disabilities as well as to other parents to increase their understanding of their neihbor’s children.” - Robert G. Hall Founder and past president of Educators Publishing Service, Inc.

“. . . goes a long way to help reduce the needless, corrosive guilt that is often born by parents when their children fail to develop normally.” - Howard T. Hermann M.D. Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine.

“. . . will serve to fill the needs of parents who, like the author, have trouble finding professionals who will interrupt writing to each other about their casework in order to help enlighten individual parents who are seeking support in educating their children—which is, after all, the primary task of parenting.”-E.M. Christine Kris Ph.D. Founder and Past Director of M.I.N.D. (Multidisciplinary Institute for Neuropsychological Development, Inc.) Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“. . . is an honest, thoughtful affirmation of a child’s most valuable resource: an observant, caring parent with unspeakable hope, patience, persistence, and resourcefulness”- Carolyn Oliver Past Director of Admissions at Landmark College, Putney, Vermont.

“. . . is a well-written, easily read but compelling account of a mother’s struggle to understand her learning disabled children’s world. Her own dyslexia forms the background for her persistent efforts to appreciate especially her son’s thinking, as he had the most severe problems, and to devise ingenious ways to cut through his difficulties in learning and adjustment. Parents and professionals also, should find much of value here in developing their own understanding of the daily challenges faced by dyslexic or otherwise learning disabled children.” - Laura Lehtinen Rogan Ph.D. Co-founder of The Cove Schools, co-author of Psychopathology and Education of the Brain Injured Child, collaborator on The Other Child, co-author of reading material for learning disabled children.

“. . . could be a timely contribution to the growth in understanding of LD. Written in a style that is informative while being engaging and sympathetic, this story should appeal to parents of young children (whether or not learning disabled) and to educators, researchers, and clinicians in the field of learning disability.”- Per Udden M.D. Founder and past Executive Secretary of The Rodin Remediation Academy, Kerns, Switzerland.

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"I read SOMETHING'S NOT RIGHT and found it most moving. One understands intellectually something of the difficulties and stresses of such situations but in the absence of personal experience it needs a book like Ms. Lelewer's to bring the emotional understanding It is a most powerful reminder of the fumbling approach to understanding dyslexia, ADHD and similar problems and of the desperate need for assistance and support to families affected. There have been great strides made in recent years, the challenge now will be to keep up funding for research and treatment as the economic pressures hit. My sincere thanks to Ms. Lelewer for the work she has done to help people understand just what is involved for parents of children with these difficulties. Circumstances differ in different cultures, but the underlying principles apply across all humanity. Well done." - Bruce Tulloch Christchurch, New Zealand, 3/4/2010

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