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The Lelewer Legacy



What will be your mark on the world when you leave it? What values have you passed down to your children and their children?

Award-winning author Nancy Lelewer (married name Sonnabend) proudly answers these questions within anecdotal reflections in her latest book, THE LELEWER LEGACY: Traditions of a Loving Family. Ms. Lelewer eloquently provides a heartwarming and inspiring story about the meaning of family which outlines valuable, healthy tenets to live by from which every family could benefit.

In THE LELEWER LEGACY Ms. Lelewer (rhymes with Delaware) evokes a series of emotions as she invites the reader into her family, paying tribute to a long line of Lelewer men and the women who stood beside them. Each exuded a zeal for life, remained devoted to the family, and passed on to each generation a family code of helping others and building for the future.

Ms. Lelewer also describes a childhood filled with laughter, love, travel and family stories of her great-grandfather’s arrival in New York in 1861, her grandfather’s innovations in marketing the men’s hat business (a part of Chicago’s lost history), and her father’s prowess in sports, business and friendships. Surrounded by warm and caring grandparents, a beautiful and loving mother, and a nurturing, charismatic father—“the best father who ever lived”—Nancy grew up in Highland Park, Illinois, attended Sarah Lawrence College in New York, spent a year in Spain then began married life in Boston, Massachusetts.

The twenty-two chapters of THE LELEWER LEGACY present a wide range of stories that together reflect the breadth and depth of the author’s heritage and her personal legacy. Many include anecdotes about such colorful people as: “Scarface” Al Capone, Richard Loeb of the Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold duo who committed the crime of the century, Chic Young of the Blondie strip, philanthropist Irving B. Harris, Chuck Walgreen of the Walgreen Stores, Dr. Per Udden, Swedish inventor and founder of two organizations, A.M. Sonnabend, legendary financer and hotel pioneer and Alan Trustman of The Thomas Crown Affair.


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